IOT Tracking for Plumbing Companies / Plumbing Company Vehicle Trackers

Better Response Times,  No Unsafe Driving, Increased Business Efficency

Until you see it for yourself, you will not believe how easy and affordable it can be to experience these benefits and many more.

  • You will know which of your employees is best positioned to respond to a customer emergency call
  • If  one of your vehicles is stolen, you can track its location and get it back
  • Employees getting late back to the yard, you will know whether it’s because of vehicle trouble or heavy traffic.
  • Get Better and accurate arrival estimates For Service appointments.
  • Maintenance Tracking is easy and can schedule it in a timely manner.

Responding quickly to service calls is key when there’s a plumbing emergency. IOT tracking helps by showing the nearest truck to any customer, and helping plumbing companies reach more customers faster.


Improve Driver Performance & Save

Real-time IOT tracking allows you to improve your daily operations. easy-to-use software on your desktop or mobile phone gives you immediate oversight of your fleet and tools to reduce costs and save. With Linxup you can::

  • Identify unsafe driving behaviors like speeding, idling, and harsh braking
  • Reduce fuel usage up to 20% by elimnating unneccessary idling
  • Reduce driving time by mapping better routes and dispatching the nearest vehicle
  • Improve vehicle maintenance and uptime with our maintenance schedules and alerts

Track Time to Improve Customer Service

Having a better understanding of when and where your workers are allows you to deliver deliver better customer service. IOT Tracking improves customer service by:

  • Tracking Time Spent on the Job
    See when your technicians arrive and when they depart from a specific location or service call
  • Improving Response Time
    Easily locate the nearest driver and provide more accurate ETAs using live traffic updates
  • Validating Working Hours
    Prove your technicians’ working hours if a customer disputes the amount of time spent on the job.