Vehicle Tracking

Simplified IOT based Tracking of All Types of Vehicles – Cars/ SUVs, Pickup Trucks, Large Truck, Fleets Whether locating a personal car or monitoring an entire fleet of vehicles in real-time, Triptech provides a high quality, IOT Based Vehicle tracking solution. Vehicle Tracking Features: WAYAMTECH provides an IOT based


ELD Devices for Federal Compliance Affordable, Easy-to-Use Electronic Logging Devices Complying with federal mandates has never been easier with WAYAMTECH ELD solution. Quick to install, simple to use, and very affordable, our FMCSA-certified ELD solution gives you: Industry-leading electronic logging software & hardware Dedicated ELD data plan 24/7 tech support

Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking Wayamtech GPS fleet trackers help companies with small or large fleets significantly reduce their operating costs. With our trackers, you can easily: • Guard against costly theft • Review routes and daily activity for each vehicle or asset • Ensure routes run smoothly and without interruption •

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking Easy, Affordable Tracking for All Assets Whether they are for work or recreation, assets and equipment come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. For your peace of mind, we cover them all with our versatile, durable, and affordable tracking devices. With the Linxup GPS tracking system, you