Improve Fleet Performance

Gain Insights & Change Driving Behaviors

Simple Changes Can Save You Big

Wayamtech IO’s fleet management software goes beyond vehicle tracking. It gives you tools for improving your fleet’s performance and efficiency. Using our powerful tools and reports, you can gain insights into:

  • Driving behavior: Monitor speeding, mileage, idling, harsh breaking, and stop activity using route replay and our informative Trips, Stops, and Idle Activity reports.
  • Driver safety: Review the daily performance of your drivers, as well as the safety of your entire fleet.

Better Management is Better Business

Wayam’s fleet management software make more service calls and reach more customers every day. Tracking your fleet lets you:

  • Find and dispatch the closest vehicle to any address.
  • Generate the quickest route to any location using real-time traffic reports and an intuitive Google Maps interface.
  • Identify the start and stop times for each worker’s day.
  • Automate your maintenance schedules, with automatic maintenance reminders sent to you via email or text message when service is due.