Driver Safety & Monitoring

Reduce Risk and Liability for Your Business and save on insurance

Safety is paramount

Coaching your drivers to safer driving habits not only reduces your risk as a business owner, it can save you money. WAYAMTECH real-time IOT tracking system gives you a host of tools for improving driver safety, including:

  • Real-time alerts or summary notifications for unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Safety scores for individual drivers and your entire fleet.
  • Real-time locations if a vehicle breaks down on the road.

Real-Time Alerts and/or Customized Notifications

WAYAMTECH gives you real-time alert notifications through the mobile app or summary notifications through e-mail or text when unsafe driving occurs, including:

  • Speeding
  • Rapid acceleration or deceleration(braking behaviour)
  • Usage hours deviation
  • Day logs
  • Deviation from Geofences or route
  • always on : Device tampering and no GPS signal
  • Excessive idling

The Driver Safety Report Card

WAYAMTECH Driver Safety Report Card allows you to track driver safety behavior over time and pinpoint areas for improvement. At a glance, you can see:

  • A daily performance score for each driver
  • A grade for each driver’s overall performance
  • An overall safety grade for your entire fleet