Fleet Tracking System

Advantages & Features

Real Time IOT Tracking

Our intuitive & easy-to-use software puts you in the driver’s seat from your computer, laptop or smartphone.

Improve Fleet Performance

Wayamtech IO’s fleet management software goes beyond vehicle tracking. It gives you tools for improving your fleet’s performance and efficiency. Using our powerful tools and reports,

Driver Safety & Monitoring

Coaching your drivers to safer driving habits not only reduces your risk as a business owner, it can save you money. WAYAMTECH real-time IOT tracking system gives you a host of tools for improving driver safety, including:

Fuel Optimization

Powerful Tools to Reduce Fuel Usage and Save Reduce Fuel Costs up to 20% Excessive fuel use is a drag on your company’s profits.

Detailed Reports & Alerts

Alerts and detailed reports from WAYAMTECH turn the data captured into valuable insights, enabling you to improve the performance of your fleet.

Maintenance Tracker

WAYAMTECH built-in maintenance management system, you can easily monitor and Never miss a tune-up or fall behind on routine fleet maintenance again.