IOT Tracking for the Logistics & Transportation Industry

Simple, Yet Sophisticated Tracking for Fleets of Any Size

Trucking IOT Tracking

Driver performance and fuel efficiency are vital to long- and short-haul trucking companies. Whether your drivers are on the road for hours or days, reducing risky and wasteful driving behaviors improves driver safety and reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%.

Improving Driver Safety

Driver Safety Report Card is a powerful tool for improving your fleet’s overall driver safety. At a glance, you can view:
  • An overview of key driving events for each vehicle or driver including speeding, braking, idling and more
  • A daily performance score for each driver and a grade for each driver’s performance
  • An overall safety grade for your entire fleet
You also get real-time alerts via e-mail or text when unsafe or wasteful driving behaviors occur.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Using our interactive web dashboard or dedicated mobile app, you can visualize driver behavior in real-time and use this information to reduce your fuel consumption. You can view:
  • Trip & Stop Reports See where your drivers travel and how long they spend there.
  • Idle Activity Reports Understand how long your drivers are idling, better manage it, and significantly reduce fuel consumption.
  • Interactive Route Replay View and playback an individual vehicle’s day including visual indicators that pinpoint stops and alerts for unsafe activity.