Detailed Reports & Alerts

The Tools You Need to Better Manage Your Business

Alerts and detailed reports from WAYAMTECH turn the data captured by your vehicles and assets into valuable insights, enabling you to improve the performance of your fleet.

  • Customize alerts and recipients for different vehicles and groups
  • Get notified in real-time or choose daily/hourly summaries
  • Turn alert settings on and off with ease
  • View alerts filtered by date range, alert time, group, vehicle, and driver

Get Only the Most Useful Information

Alerts can now be customized to give you the exact information that you need.

  • Create unique alert settings for different users
  • Monitor specific driver, vehicles or groups
  • Customize recipients to send the most relevant information to the right person

Match Alerts to Your Needs

We give you the power to set up alerts to best match your needs. Need instant alerts on key activity, no problem. Prefer periodic summaries of key activity, we’ve got you covered.

  • Set immediate notifications for time-sensitive alerts such as device tampering
  • Receive an hourly summary for important updates you need throughout the day
  • Save less urgent information to review in a daily summary

Alerts for Key Fleet Activity

Be alerted in real-time for key driving events including:

  • Safe driving habits: speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration
  • Device tampering and no GPS signal
  • Geofence alerts when drivers enter or exit
  • First ignition of the day
  • Excessive idling which reduces fuel efficiency
  • Unauthorized vehicle usage outside hours you establish

Receive Mobile App Notifications

Receive real-time alert notifications on the Linxup mobile app.

  • View detailed alert information for individual drivers or groups of drivers
  • Access daily, weekly, and monthly alert summaries
  • Categorize alerts based on alert type, such as speeding, harsh braking, or geofence alerts
  • Reduce email and text message clutter
  • Connect easily from the notification to other data

Insightful Reports

WAYAMTECH intuitive reporting suite gives you the data and details you need to manage your fleet and drivers to better performance. Reporting empowers you to:

  • Identify and your best and worst drivers
  • Eliminate vehicle idling and reduce fuel usage
  • Reinforce safe driving behavior

Our suite of reports include:

  • Vehicle Idling reports of driver’s activity
  • Stops reports showing time at different locations
  • Advanced trip reports showing each day’s activity
  • Driver safety report cards
  • Excel exports of all data
  • Interactive dashboards, and more

WAYAMTECH alerts and reports give you control over the information that is most important to you.

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