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Are you a CEO/Business Owner/Executive overwhelmed by your current responsibilities and unable to dedicate the necessary attention to Account Management? Do you recognize the need to elevate your Account Management with expert leadership while also streamlining and solidifying its systems and processes?

Wayam offers a robust Fractional Account Management service, providing a dedicated manager committed to both your company and its Account Management staff. Our Senior Advisors are seasoned professionals, skilled in nurturing Account Management teams across diverse industries. They are poised to integrate swiftly and effectively, implementing strategic advancements to drive your business objectives. Your Senior Advisor will:

  • Strategically develop and enhance your Account Management processes.
  • Set clear, actionable weekly objectives.
  • Foster strong accountability within the team.
  • Upgrade the skill sets of your Account Management personnel.
  • Generate more consistent and accurate forecasts.
  • Recruit and train additional Account Management staff as needed.
  • Seamlessly transition to a permanent Account Management leader when the time is        right.

Utilize our expertise to transform your Account Management function into a key driver that propels your business ahead.


At the end of your engagement, you will have worked towards achieving:

  • Increased activity, close rates, and deal sizes which lead to increased revenue
  • More accurate forecasting and a better view of what is happening in Account Management
  • A designed Account Management system with process, metrics, and accountability
  • Effective transition to the new, permanent Account Management leader


Fractional Account Management is increasingly being adopted by busy CEOs and growing businesses ready to expand thoughtfully. This method serves as a prudent intermediate step when the company is on the brink of growth but isn’t yet prepared to hire a full-time Account Management leader.

CEOs might find themselves in one of the following situations when it comes to bolstering their account management:

  • Insufficient time to dedicate to the role of an Account Management leader due to other pressing responsibilities.
  • Hesitation to burden themselves with additional Account Management responsibilities.
  • Recognition that they may not be ideally suited for the specific demands of the role.

While your company is geared up for this essential leap, committing to a new full-time leader in Account Management might not be immediately viable. Fractional Account Management acts as a crucial stepping stone, providing the necessary leadership to enhance team focus, ensure accountability, and elevate team performance to meet more ambitious goals. This solution offers a safe trial period, something Wayam Advisors deeply understands and has successfully implemented with many clients.

With Wayam’s Fractional Account Management, your business gains access to an experienced Account manager who becomes a part-time yet integral part of your team. This manager is tasked with crafting and putting into action robust Account Management strategies, allowing your core leadership to continue focusing on what they excel at and upholding the outstanding service your company is celebrated for. Additionally, our approach includes strategizing the eventual transition to a permanent position by identifying and recruiting the ideal candidate when the time is right. Adapting to the modern trends of hybrid and remote working environments, our Senior Advisors are equipped to integrate effectively with your team and help propel your company towards achieving its objectives.