Are you struggling to fill an open sales leadership position, or as a CEO, find yourself stretched too thin to manage sales effectively? Seeking to outsource your sales leadership while implementing proven sales management systems and processes?

Wayam Consulting’s Fractional Sales Manager is the solution you need. Our seasoned Senior Advisors, with extensive experience in building and developing sales teams across diverse industries, will seamlessly integrate with your team to drive success. Here’s how we can assist:

  • Crafting, implementing, and reinforcing a robust sales process
  • Providing clear weekly direction
  • Ensuring accountability within your sales team
  • Enhancing the skills of your salespeople
  • Delivering accurate and reliable forecasts
  • Recruiting and training new salespeople (as needed)
  • Hiring and transitioning to a permanent sales leader
Performance Management

We help establish a comprehensive sales operating system, enabling effective group and one-on-one meetings with your sales team. By holding your salespeople accountable for their goals and providing necessary coaching, we drive performance improvements.

Sales Coaching Activities
Our coaching focuses on:
  • Ensuring salespeople are aligned with the right opportunities
  • Offering tailored coaching and training to develop sales skills and processes specific to your company
  • Collaborating on account planning and strategizing opportunities
Personnel Recommendations

We provide strategic recommendations to senior leadership on sales team staffing, including:

  • Making informed hiring/termination decisions
  • Adjusting team structure for optimal performance
  • Onboarding new salespeople
  • Selecting and transitioning to a permanent sales leader


Communication Updates

We keep senior leadership informed with regular updates on:

  • Sales pipeline and forecasts
  • Sales team performance
  • Weekly insights, successes, and issues
  • Coordinated meetings with other department heads



By the end of our engagement, you will have achieved:

  • Increased sales activity, close rates, and deal sizes, leading to higher revenue
  • Enhanced forecasting accuracy and visibility into sales operations
  • A well-designed sales management system with clear processes, metrics, and accountability
  • A smooth transition to a new, permanent sales leader
Understanding Fractional Sales Management

Fractional Sales Management is an ideal solution for CEOs and growing companies ready to scale. Whether you lack the time, desire, or expertise to manage sales, we provide a practical step before committing to a full-time sales leader. Our approach ensures sales leadership that drives accountability and team development without the immediate need for a full-time hire.

Wayam Consulting’s Fractional Sales Management offers the perfect blend of dedicated leadership and flexibility. Our Senior Advisors develop and implement effective sales processes, allowing your business leadership to focus on their core responsibilities and deliver exceptional service. We also assist in identifying and hiring the right full-time sales leader when the time is right. With the rise of hybrid and remote work, our Senior Advisors can seamlessly integrate with your company, helping you achieve your goals with confidence.

Choose Wayam Consulting for a fractional sales management solution that propels your business forward and sets the stage for sustained growth and success.